To grow loyal relationships

To grow loyal relationships


The SME portfolio allows for subsidies for training and advice, purchased from recognised service providers.


A-Switch bvba is a recognised service provider within the scope of the SME portfolio for the ADVICE and TRAINING pillars.
  1. ADVICE: through C²RM advice, the "need" for CRM is written by and for the team in your "C²RM business case".
  2. TRAINING: through C²RM training, the team learns to work with the CRM solution.



With the SME portfolio, the cost of training taken by the employee of a company can be subsidised.


  • Training with regard to the implementation of the CRM solution;
  • Training with regard to learning the basic functions of the CRM solution;
  • "Open Training" as provided within the scope of Archie

Subsidisable advice always starts from a concrete problem. The advice itself is written down in a report (C²RM business case) and comprises three aspects, in principle:


  • An analysis of the concrete problem;
  • The actual advice;
  • An implementation plan.

Scope of the support:
The subsidy amounts to 50 % of the costs (excl. vat) with a maximum subsidy of 2,500 euros on an annual basis.

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