"CRM? SOD IT!" workshop

When ‘the boss’ imposes his CRM solution, without the employee seeing the necessity thereof, his (silent) reaction often is: "Sod it!" That is why we pay a great deal of attention to the WHY question during the workshop, which surfaces with any form of innovation. 
Result: The CRM implementation is supported by the team.

  • How do we turn a MUST into a WANT situation?
  • How do we learn to make THE problem into THE solution?


Employees AND executives participate! After all, with his or her commitment to participate, the executive confirms what he or she is aiming for. 

We like working with mixed groups because the "When did I do a good job?" question often yields very different answers.

We prefer groups of 8 to 12 participants per trainer.PROGRAMME

  • Part 1: C²RM, an open window to CRM.
  • Part 2: From measurable to verifiable CRM targets.
  • Part 3: Presentation by the teams.

Duration: 8 half days in 2 months.


  • Own examples take precedence to study materials.
  • Theory is often taught from a practical viewpoint.
  • Personal assignments are an integral part of the process.


  • Every participant has his or her own syllabus.
  • Findings are written down.
  • PPT slides support the introduction.


The following models are used during the workshops:

  • "OUTPUT MANAGEMENT" - F. Vandendriessche
  • "JOHARI" - J. Luft en H. Ingham
  • "KLANTWAARDE" - W. Wurtz


Reginald Verhofstede
 C²RM Teamcoach 
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Reginal Verhofstede

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Reginald Verhofstede
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