To grow loyal relationships

To grow loyal relationships

C²RM condition for more and better co-operation

How to find motivation

Solutions work when people find in themselves the motivation to do something with it.


Still, mainly consultants and management teams implement solutions from the top down. The people who know best how to do things, i.e. the people on the work floor, rarely have a say in it.


However, their motivation is the key to success.


We provide the internal motivation. We turn a MUST situation to a WANT situation.  As such, the solution is no longer a target in itself, but rather a condition for more and better co-operation.


Top 3 pitfalls in a MUST situation:
  1. The system becomes a target in itself and does not solve the problems.
  2. Over-automation stifles initiatives by employees and creates parallel systems.
  3. Excessive control systems give rise to information fraud.


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