C²RM Workshop

This will only work when a team decides to do it for itself. That is the motivation we provide.

C²RM condition for more and improved co-operation

CRM works when people find in themselves the motivation to do something with it. As a result, CRM no longer is a goal in itself, but a condition for more and improved co-operation.

The C²RM Workshop turns a MUST situation into a WANT situation.

"CRM?" SOD IT!" workshop

When ‘the boss’ imposes his CRM solution, without the employee seeing the necessity thereof, his (silent) reaction often is: "Sod it!" That is why we pay a great deal of attention to the WHY question during the workshop, which often surfaces with any form of innovation.

Result: the CRM implementation is supported by the team.


The training and feedback process is Q4 certified.

A-Switch bvba is a recognised service provider within the scope of the SME portfolio for the ADVICE and TRAINING pillars..