CRM for non-profit

Improved communication is key to a more efficient organisation
Governments, municipalities and sectoral associations.  Archie CRM improves the mutual communication and helps to organise the provided services more efficiently.

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Phones, tablets & PC

Quick search possibilities and one central relationship database. Accessible anywhere via the internet, smartphones, iPads or other tablets, allowing you to do your work without technical impediments.

Cloud Services

You can run Archie CRM from your own servers or you can opt for the Archie Cloud, eliminating the need for servers and database programming.


A single central relationship database

In case of an organisation, you can see the persons involved, their direct details and birthdays. Archie CRM visualises relationship networks between organisations and persons.

Save time and increase your insight

Organising events, giving advice and co-operating with projects. Archie CRM supports all processes that contribute to spreading your knowledge and expertise.

Own implementation

Various stakeholders using different operating procedures. You define different information for each target group. Archie CRM allows you to design the database as you see fit.

Workflow and document management

In case of complex projects with extensive relationship networks and document flow, the workflow functionality brings peace to the process. 

Reginal Verhofstede

Het gaat pas echt werken als een team besluit het voor zichzelf te doen.

Voor die motivatie zorgen wij.

Reginald Verhofstede
Erkend advies en opleidingsverstrekker