Collaborate better with colleagues and

We coach organisations to successfully implement Colleague & Customer Relationship Management (C²RM)

and do the C²RM Scan

THE PROCES oriented organisation
THE PRODUCT oriented organisation
THE RELATIONSHIP oriented organisation

Starting point

C²RM starts from the natural preference of your organisation. After all, many processes lie behind and between people co-operating with one another. The C²RM Workshop helps you to better understand these processes and reveals your natural preference. 

C²RM Scan

What are your strengths and what is your blind spot? Test your natural preference yourself: are you rather product-oriented, customer-oriented or relationship-oriented?

C²RM Workshop

Different customer expectations, a renewed product and/or service offering, mergers on the market. Changing business conditions require an appropriate answer. The C²RM Workshop ensures that you and your team are ready to provide that answer.